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Premium Bunkers

A wise advice for survivors

A premium bunker to save your life

Don't die in your garden, be a survivor ! You never know when a bomb might drop on you. For those cases, Bunker & Sons provide you the best protective solutions in terms of sheltering. Discover now the Home Sweet Home Premium Bunkers that will preserve your life, forever.

The key to a successful survival in closed environment lies in resources management. Indeed, it is essential to address all your needs while managing efficiently your resources. Electricity, Food, Water or Medicine will be available in limited supplies.
This is not a problem for you since the Home Sweet Home Premium Bunker is delivered fully equipped with all the devices you need to produce your ressources until long after you died.

Jump into it now and discover the joy of underground surviving ! You can download the user guide in the links below (Reading is strongly advised), as well as the Public Beta Test Simulation Preview Visit (release

Stay safe, and stay alive with the Home Sweet Home Premium Bunker.


Item Description Version Link
User Guide Contains all the information necessary for the proper use of your shelter 1.23 Download
Manuel de l'utilisateur Contient toutes les informations nécessaires à la bonne utilisation de votre abri 2.56 Download
Virtual Visit (Windows) Public Beta Test Simulation Preview Visit before you buy Download
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